[Less downtime ❗️ short thread]

The popular short thread at Lian Clinic will be 40% off until the end of September!
(There is no obstacle such as a monitor)

A short thread that is effective for increasing the firmness of the skin and three-dimensional tightening of drooping tissue.
It will be a great deal, so please consider this opportunity ☺️

●Price (tax included)
Short customization thread
60 bottles: ¥89,100
80 bottles: ¥108,900
100 bottles: ¥128,700
Topical anesthesia included, laughing gas anesthesia not included

[Short threads with less downtime]
Internal bleeding and swelling are the most common risks of thread shorting🤒

Internal bleeding can be hidden with make-up, but there is nothing beyond it.

In order to meet the wishes of those who want to reduce downtime as much as possible

I started short thread with a blunt needle!

*This is not a treatment that absolutely does not cause internal bleeding or swelling.

●Price (tax included)
+ ¥ 16,500 to the price of short thread every 20
Please let us know what you would like for counseling.