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[Treatment by Dr. Matsui and Dr. Kobayashi] Hyaluronic acid injection 💉
By injecting appropriately according to the customer's concerns and anatomy, even a small amount can have a certain effect!
This is Rian's hyaluronic acid injection.

□Fees From 2024/7/1 to 8/31
Dr. Matsui/Dr. Kobayashi treatment 1cc▶︎52,800 yen
□Treatment name: Hyaluronic acid injection
□Explanation of treatment
Add volume by injecting hyaluronic acid,
This is a treatment that lifts up the bones and ligaments by reinforcing them.
□Side effects
Allergies, internal bleeding, vascular embolism,
Slight left and right differences in finish, etc.
(We use high-quality Allergan hyaluronic acid that lasts long)
*Applicable for 2 or more bottles.
*Borite is not applicable.
*There will be a monitor screening, and it will be determined by a doctor's examination.
*Those who can cooperate in taking pictures with their eyes open,
Only for those who are able to visit the hospital after the treatment.


Protect yourself from photoaging! UV protection fair ☀️
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