◤A must-see for those concerned about neck wrinkles! A set to eliminate vertical and horizontal wrinkles on the neck has started ◢

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finally! [JALPRO HMW has started! 👏】

JALPRO Classic has already been started for fine lines around the eyes.

HMW is a polymeric (mushy) hyaluronic acid.

✓Deep wrinkles around the neck
✓Curtain wrinkles on the side of the mouth

It is an effective treatment for.

We have also started a neck wrinkle removal set that includes Botox lift, so if you are concerned about wrinkles around your neck, please check it out!

□ Neck vertical and horizontal wrinkle repellent set
First time ¥69,800
Normally ¥89,800
JALUPRO HMW (2.5cc) + Botox lift (Botulax, 50 units)

Internal bleeding ・Allergic reaction ・Edema (may last 2-3 days)

□Recommended injection frequency
One course with 4 injections every 3 weeks. Re-injection every 6 months to 9 months thereafter
(Botox lift every 3 months)