Simultaneous treatment with Potenza’s diamond tip and Thermagen ✨

There are two main modes of high frequency: monopolar and bipolar, each of which has a different role to play.
▶Selection of the technique and method
▶Selection of machine
The role of each mode is different.

In other words, Diamond Thermal can approach a wide range of problems because it can receive two different types of radiofrequency waves with different roles at the same time 📝.


Why combine DiamondTip and Thermagen?

💡Why diamond tip?
Diamond Tip” which outputs monopolar and bipolar at the same time is the radiofrequency that is expected to increase collagen the most and to aim at “firmness” of the skin.

Why Thermagen?
Because it goes deeper than the diamond tip, it can approach multiple layers of the skin and is effective for sagging caused by the lowering of fat ◎(fibrous midwall)


In other words, it is the pinnacle of high frequency that can expect both [firmness] and [sagging treatment] by hitting at the same time 🌟.


One time ¥77,000


Frequently asked questions 🕊️
Q1. How is it different from HIF?
A. HIF is a treatment that can control volume and tighten the SMAS fascia and ligaments. It is characterized by pinpoint and narrow heat penetration.
The high frequency changes both the way the heat is applied and the effects that can be expected.

Q2: I am not sure whether ultrasound (Hyf) or radiofrequency (Thermagen/Volnuma) is more suitable for me.
A. It is best to have a medical examination, but in general
Hyf: Sagging skin that requires volume control.
If you are in your 60s or younger and have prominent moss, you need to be skillful in how to apply it.

▶Hyperfrequency: There is no one who is not suitable for this treatment. However, it is necessary to have an interview with the patient to find out where he/she thinks the goal is.

Of course, there are individual differences ✨.