We will continue this month’s “Early Bird Special,” which was very popular last month 👏🌟.

Leanne’s August Early Bird Special
If you book a Lift-Up Set by July 10 for August, you will receive an additional 20 short threads worth ¥66,000🎁!

Please take this opportunity to experience Liane’s Lift-Up Set 😊.

Applicable Courses
Face line tightening! Face Line Repair Set
1) 2 Lift Thermagen (cheeks and face line)
2) 40 short threads (mono)
→Early Bird Special: 60 ✨!
99,000 yen (equivalent to 165,000 yen)

The facial rejuvenation treatment for minus 5 years old face! Minus 5 years old face
(1) Hypertherm (Hyf + Thermagen)
2) 60 short threads (mono)
→Early Bird Special: 80 short threads ✨!
165,000 yen (equivalent to 231,000 yen)