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About us LIAN

LIAN clinic
linking you to beauty

With the recent proliferation of cosmetic clinics, many people say they do not know which clinic to choose

LIAN clinic connects you with a cosmetic dermatologist, and even connects your loved ones with a cosmetic dermatologist to further and deepen the bond. We aim to be such a cosmetic dermatology clinic


ConceptThoughts behind LIAN

  • Lien
  • Lian

Lien is French for something
that connects something to something else.

Eternal bonds
lien eternel
Family bonds
lien de parente
Friend bonds
lien de I’amitie

Lien means "bond" in French. Now that there are so many beauty clinics in the market, more and more people do not know which clinic to choose. We chose the name LIAN to express our desire to value communication and the bonds we form with each of our clients through cosmetic medicine.

LIAN clinic

4-4-13 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Jingumae Shibata Building 1F

Opening Hours
(Closed on Monday and Wednesday)
Cosmetic Dermatology
/ Permanent make up